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© 2017 par Umamido

Boulevard Carl-Vogt 63
1205 Geneva
022 808 00 77
Opening hours
Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner
Shoyu ramen
Pork broth with soy tare 
Vegeterian ramen
Miso flavored broth, comes with tofu
Miso ramen
Pork broth with our exceptional miso tare

Kara miso ramen
Spicy miso ramen; an Umamido signature dish

Tonkotsu ramen
12 hour cooked pork broth with miso tare;
the bowl with the most soul

Ramen of the Chef
The ultimate ramen, spicy, fatty, salty, totally Umamido;
the bowl that feeds the soul

Children's ramen
For the little samurai, you must choose your flavor
Monthly special
With the monthly special, we let our creativity go wild,
check the board or ask any of our staff


Steamed soy beans
Seaweed salad
Thinly sliced algae in marinade
Mountain vegetables
Crunchy spicy marinated mountain vegetables with shiitake

Spicy homemade fermented vegetables; super tasty and
super healthy

Pork buns
Two steamed bread buns, pork belly; got to try this one, just
believe us

Kimchi pork buns
Same as the pork buns but with our homemade kimchi
instead of the spicy sauce

Japanese ravioli filled with chicken and vegetables; a classic side dish for a ramen, super delicious


Essentially Umamido is a Japanese noodle bar. Our main focus is on ramen noodles, delicious firm wheat based served in a tasty broth. Please do not expect a menu with 100 items at our restaurants, we prefer to focus on one thing and doing it well.


At Umamido you will find traditional Japanese flavours with a local twist. What is it that we really stand for? Well, our name describes it best: Umamido means “The Way of the Savoury”. Savouriness, taste, flavour, that is our philosophy, our religion, our way of living. We try to source the best Japanese and local products to produce the most nutrient, healthiest, but above all the tastiest ramen possible.



Boulevard Carl-Vogt 63

1205 Geneva, Switzerland 




​Tel : 022 808 00 77

Opening hours


11:30 - 14:30 and 18:30 - 22:30